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What does an assembly electrician do?

Assembly electricians work with electricians with a Federal VET Diploma to ensure the correct installation of the in-house electrical cable network, necessary devices, systems and connections for individual energy consumers.

These include, for example, the lighting, stove, boiler, washing machine, tumble dryer, doorbell and intercom system. Their main tasks lie in apartment construction. They lay protective tubing for electrical cables once a shell construction has been established. During the later building stages, they install the electrical cables and systems whose respective parts they have prepared for assembly in the workshop beforehand. 

More information

  • Duration of apprenticeship

    - 3 years

  • Training locations

    - On construction projects
    - In apartment construction
    - In industry

  • Requirements

    - Completion of compulsory education, upper to middle secondary level
    - Manual skills
    - Basic understanding of technology
    - Standard colour vision

  • Further training

    - Additional apprenticeship as Electrician, Federal VET Diploma,
    - Electrical Planning Engineer, Federal VET Diploma, or Telematics Engineer, Federal VET Diploma (2 years)
    - Federal Professional and Advanced Federal Professional Examination
    - University of Applied Sciences
    - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

  • Careers

    - Fitter in Charge of Construction
    - Electrical Safety Advisor
    - Electrical Project Manager
    - Telematics Project Manager (Federal Professional Examination with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Electrician
    - Qualified Telematics Engineer (Advanced Professional Examination with an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Electrical Engineer, PEI
    - Electrical Engineer BSc FH or BSc ETH

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