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Infrastructural and technical facility management services

Bruker BioSpin AG is part of the Bruker Corporation, an international group of companies in the field of instrumental analysis. The company produces sophisticated devices, which are used in biotechnology, genetic research, food analysis and in the development of drugs. It has 25 sites worldwide and over 70 offices in 60 countries. Its main locations are in Switzerland, Germany, France and the USA. Bruker BioSpin employs a total of over 6000 employees, around 600 of them in Switzerland.

Facts & figures

Trade Facility management
Client Bruker BioSpin AG
Location Switzerland, Germany, France
Area 42,000 m² of building space in Switzerland (around 20 buildings)

Since March 2017, Bouygues Energies & Services has provided all the infrastructure-related and technical facility management services in this cross-border mandate at the Fällanden site in Switzerland and in France. The challenges arising in the case of cross-border properties include on the one hand communication and on the other hand the exploitation of synergies. Bouygues Energies & Services has many years of experience running major international projects and can thus offer BioSpin AG the best possible service. With the use of Planon CAFM software throughout the project, the relevant data at all the sites are constantly recorded and analysed by means of KPIs. This enables uniform and overarching appraisal, as well as continuous quality management. 

Our services

  • All technical and infrastructural facility management services