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Spare parts

Are you looking for spare parts from various suppliers for your control and regulation technology installations? You will find a list of our offers here.

Is your building equipped with an older safety or automation system and do you need a spare part for it? We stock numerous spare parts from various systems and manufacturers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you.
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Type                                                     Description                                          Current       Voltage

ACS143-2K1-3 / ACS140-IFAB-3        Frequency converter incl. input filter      4.8A          3*380..480V

ACS143-2K7-3 / ACS140-IFCD-3       Frequency converter incl. input filter      5.8A          3*380..480V

ACS100-PAN                                       Digital control panel



Type                                                     Description

SM24                                                   Damper actuator

SM24-5                                                Damper actuator 5-minute running time

SM24-SRP                                           Damper actuator

SM220                                                 Damper actuator

NM230-2                                             Damper actuator

KM220                                                 Damper actuator

NR230-00-223                                    Damper actuator 5N 140s, 2.5W (Grundfoss)



Type                                                    Description

T7460A1001                                        Surface-mounted thermostat NTC 20K

C7110D1009                                        Surface-mounted thermostat NTC 20K, CO2, rated value

DPS1000                                             Differential-pressure switch 200-1000PA

T6960A1024                                       Frost protection thermostat -10/+12°C / IP65

T7411A1019                                          Rod probe PT1000 / 300mm


Kieback & Peter

Type                                                                 Description                                            Function                Voltage

HRP22-M                                                 Heating controller with M-Bus connection          2 Heating circuits             230VAC


Landis + Gyr

Type                     Description                                                                  Function                    Voltage  Element

AUZ1.4                  Analogue 24-hour time switch                                                                                           230VAC

AZW61.216            Range insert -035 to + 35°C

AZY12.14               Insertion limitation heater for RVL46

AZY61.3                 Submodule room/inlet air cascade

CSU20.001            Unigyr Web server                                                                HW                           24V AC

Econel100             Desigo communication server                                              PC                            230VAC

FZA21-t35             Polygyr target value transmitter

M8742-8                DC isolating converter 0..10V to 4..20mA                                                                    230VAC

PLD9.ECO/PCM   Visonik DCS communication server                                      PC                            230VAC

PRU10.64              DDC CPU processor Unigyr                                              CPU                         24V AC

PRV2.128              DDC CPU processor Visonik                                             CPU                          24V AC

PRV2.32                DDC CPU processor Visonik                                             CPU                          24V AC

PRV2.64                DDC CPU processor Visonik                                             CPU                          24V AC

PTM1.2C               Count value module                                                                        2 x ZI                         24V AC

PTM1.2D20S        Signalling module                                                                  2 x DI                         24V AC

PTM1.2Q250-M    Digital output module with hand controller                           2 x DA                       24V AC

PTM1.2R1K          Analogue input module  2 x LG-Ni 1000                                  2 x AE                                         LG-Ni1000

PTM1.2Y10S-M    Analogue output module with hand controller                           2 x 0..10V                  24V AC

PTM1.4D20          Digital output module 4 x DA                                                 4 x DA                       24V AC

PTM1.4R1K          Analogue input module  4 x LG-Ni 1000                                   4 x AE                                        LG-Ni1000

PTX1.18                 Module supply block set for 18 modules                                      Block                         24V AC

RVL45.1                Sigmagyr - ECO heating controller with 24-hour time switch AUZ1.4  3-point                    230VAC

RVL46.1                Sigmagyr - ECO Heating controller with digital time switch incl. operating instructions  3-point                     230VAC

RVL46.1                Sigmagyr - ECO Heating controller with digital time switch and limiter AZY12.14  3-point                    230VAC  

RVL470                 Siemens - Multifunctional heating controller                           3-point                    230VAC

RWF21.20              Polygyr controller                                                                         2-step                   24V AC

RWF61.100            Polygyr controller                                                                        1 x 0..10V                  24V AC

RWF61.200            Polygyr controller                                                                        2 x 0..10V                 24V AC

RZM61.400            Polygyr measuring amplifier                                                           passive - active            24V AC

RZS21.08               Individual signalling module  Polygyr- S&M                                                                            24V AC

RZS21.10               Collective fault module   Polygyr- S&M                                                                    24V AC

RZS21.16                Individual signalling module  Polygyr- S&M                                                                            24V AC

RZS91.21                Motor control module  Polygyr -S&M                                            2 x 1-stage               24V AC

RZS91.22                Motor control module  Polygyr -S&M                                            1 x 2-stage               24V AC

RZS91.51                 System control module Polygyr -S&M                                                                         24V AC

SEL62.19                 Signal selector for 0..10V                                                                                           24V AC

SQP31.008             Valve actuator for RVL45                                                              3-point                  230VAC

UA9                        Signal converter for0..10V to 0..20V Phase crossover                                                                24V AC



Type                                            Description                                                            Voltage

EKW2.3.1                                   V-belt monitoring device (new, without packaging)          230VAC



Type                                            Description                                                              Voltage

PCA2.M3                                    CPU                                                                                24V AC

PCA2.N3                                    Power supply module                                               230VAC

PCA2.A4                                    Digital output module 16x0.5 A, 24VDC

PCA2.E1                                     Digital output module 16x24VDC

PCA2.P10                                   Programme input device                                                   24VDC

PCD4.M140                                CPU                                                                                   24VDC

PCD4.M145                                CPU                                                                                   24VDC

PCD4.A810                                Digital Output module 8x relay 24VDC

PCD4.B900                               Digital Output module 16x transistor 24VDC/0.5A

PCD4.C130                                Bus module                                                                          24VDC

PCD4.C220                               Bus module                                                                           24VDC

PCD7.D5150TLW10                   15" TFT colour display Win CE                                           24VDC



Type                                             Description

ASF122F220                                Damper actuator with spring 2-point 230V 90s 18Nm auxiliary contact


Stäfa Control System (SCS):

We have over 120 spare parts in stock, such as P controllers, fixed value controllers, heating controllers, weather sensors, universal sequencer generators, Vari-p ventilation controllers, etc., which you can find in our list:

SCS spare parts

Please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to help.



Type                                               Description

M466DX0/BLF24-T-ST_TR            BSK actuator 24V