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Planning services for photovoltaic systems

A photovoltaic system (PV system) is a profitable and sustainable investment for your company or fund. As a specialist planner in the area of PV systems, we support industrial and business partners as well as institutional investors in planning, building and operating PV systems.

A building owner can produce clean and carbon-neutral electricity with a PV system on their roof. A small system with only 30 m² can create enough electricity for a three-person household. The power can also be fed directly into the public electricity grid.


Bouygues E&S PV-Engineering is your specialist department for planning services specifically for PV systems. Our planning service encompasses a complete all-round package. It can either include all of the planning phases or individual partial phases tailored to the client’s requirements. This service is offered to companies, institutional investors or their representatives. Correspondingly, our focus is on the economic operation of PV systems.


We also offer our services as EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) and deliver turnkey solar power systems.

The planning phases in detail

Phase 0 – advice
We advise you professionally and zero in on your interests. We then present the current options on the market and advise you accordingly – technology, products, economy, project management, ZEV (alliance with other building owners), risks, solutions etc.)


Phase 1 – rough analysis / portfolio analysis
After a rough analysis of the property or portfolio, we present you or your client with a rough project plan based on list prices and a visual analysis. The following questions are answered: What potential does the property have? What can be done? How can it be done? And the most important thing – is it economically viable?


Phase 2 – preliminary study / project analysis

The projects are carried out individually and very specifically. We visit the property and develop a corresponding draft, which includes at least the following key points.


  • Size and capacity of the system
  • Where can the system’s parts be mounted
  • Where will the cables run
  • Condition of the roof
  • Feed-in capacity at the feed-in point


Based on this, we plan the system together with you and complete an economic efficiency calculation (our software has been audited by Ernst & Young) for the draft that has been selected:


  • Net production > Power production agreement (PPA)
  • Directly with the grid operator
  • Own consumption on site
  • EVG (communal-use group) (variant with grid operator – Solarsplit ewz)
  • ZEV model / contracting


The project draft can now be directly implemented


Phase 3 – submission
We prepare all the documents for the PV system request for proposals based on the preliminary study and project analysis. The offers received are evaluated and technically adjusted. Based on these offers, we do a specific economic efficiency calculation and make a recommendation which you or your client can use to place an order in an informed manner.


Phase 4 – construction
During the construction phase, we draw up the contracts for services between you and the selected companies. We also organise the project in line with the draft. We monitor the construction’s progress and ensure the quality of the installation work. We accept the PV system on your behalf and in this way guarantee that the project has been implemented in accordance with the contract.


Phase 5 – project during operation
If your PV system is already operating, we would be glad to advise you on optimisation potential and offer you additional services in this respect:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Economic due diligence
  • Changes to the sales of the produced energy: PPA / switch to own-consumption / control energy
  • Organisation of guarantee of origin trading
  • Organisation direct marketing
  • Purchase of extra electricity on the market

Service and maintenance:

We work closely with our partner Helion to ensure your PV system operates profitably over the long term. Helion ensures the PV system is monitored and maintained throughout its entire service life. Any fault correction and repair work is executed by service specialists quickly. We deploy products that allow us to enter into long-term maintenance contracts and to guarantee that your solar power system will perform reliably.


Would you like to benefit from solar power without any risks? We have a solution for you. We develop your project and assume all costs for project development, planning and installation, maintenance and insurance, etc. If you let us use your roof to produce solar power, you will be rewarded in the form of stable and affordable solar power from your own roof. Instead of sourcing your power from the electricity plant, use affordable solar power from your own roof, which the contractor sells to you for a contractually agreed fixed price over a set period of time. A contracting solution will reduce your electricity bill substantially.


We check whether this is feasible for your roof, draft the technical concept and negotiate on your behalf with various contracting providers in order to find the best solution for you. Our experienced project developers and legal specialists also take care of contract management.


Thanks to many years of experience, Bouygues E&S PV-Engineering can offer professional all-round services for solar power stations – from a single source With us, you have a single point of contact for all your concerns.


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