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Electrical grid services

From electromagnetic field calculations and measurements to power grid modelling and the complete planning of your target network - we are your competent and efficient partner. With our know-how and comprehensive range of services, we can provide optimum support in a wide variety of areas.

Our services

With our many years of experience and tailor-made tools, we ensure compliance with the legal ordinance on non-ionising radiation (ONIR) and the noise abatement ordinance (NAO). We model your infrastructure and calculate the magnetic fields as well as the noise emission levels. If necessary, we carry out on-site measurements and define measures to minimise magnetic radiation and noise. These measures include, for example, shielding of critical elements in substations or optimization of the phase assignment of a line. Thanks to our operational experts, we can also implement these measures for you - all from a single source.

We offer all services from the modelling of individual network components to the creation and management of the complete grid model. Thanks to our modern and proven tools, such as Neplan, as well as our experienced staff, we can perform this work reliably and efficiently. Based on the grid models developped, we create the necessary analyses and evaluations for you: Load flow calculations, short-circuit calculations, identification of weak points, analysis and elimination of bottlenecks, status determination and much more. We can also simulate the effects of new power plants (PV system, wind farm, etc.) for you and define and implement any grid reinforcement measures.


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The decentralization of energy systems in combination with the increasing electrification of society places ever higher demands on distribution grid operators - especially with regard to network planning and asset management. This is where we provide support in planning your target grid. We use a specially developed algorithm that takes into account existing infrastructures such as roads and pipe blocks to determine the economically optimal target network (minimum costs while maintaining the desired security of supply). We are also happy to assist in optimising the reliability of the network (SAIDI, SAIFI). From the simulation results, the most effective measures for optimizing the reliability of the target network can be derived. We would also be pleased to support you with our operational experts in the implementation / staging of the target network - all from one source.


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Are you planning a new substation or a new power plant or its expansion/extension? We support you in evaluating the optimal topology. After modelling the affected system, we develop various configuration options. In the case of substations, this concerns in particular the dimensioning of the transformers (classic and phase-shifting transformers), number and arrangement of the fields, number of busbars, estimation of investment costs, calculation of grid losses, evaluation of operational flexibility and security of supply. In the field of power plants, the services include the analysis of the connection conditions (TC, BFH, ...), the system coupling of power plant - transformers - grid, the reactive power as well as typical and extreme operating situations. Together with our operational experts, we develop and evaluate concrete proposals for the implementation of your project.

In the field of grounding grids of substations, we offer a complete service package: from system modelling, short circuit calculations and grounding measurements to the design of the entire grounding grid. We ensure compliance with the legally required limits for step and touch voltages. Together with our experienced operational experts, we develop a concrete implementation proposal. We would also be pleased to support you in the implementation of the project.

The protection of persons and equipment has the highest priority. We analyse the effect of external overvoltages (e.g. due to a lightning strike) on your system / system components. We will develop a recommendation regarding the use of surge arresters. After collecting the relevant data, we create a model of the affected system (transformers, GIS system, cable entries, etc.). This model is used to analyse various effects, such as direct lightning strikes, distant ones, or backward flashover as a result of an impact into the ground wire. On the basis of these simulations, we work out the optimum positioning and dimensioning of the surge arresters.

With our longstanding and experienced professionals, we support well-known customers in the fields of transmission and distribution grids, power plants, industrial customers, engineering offices and authorities. Thanks to our versatile tool landscape, we can support our customers optimally and efficiently.