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Bouygues Energies & Services

Bouygues Energies & Services Schweiz AG is one of the leading service providers in Switzerland for complex Commercial real estate, and areas in each phase of their lifecycle. Its core activities are integrated property and facility management, with a high level of vertical integration. Strategic property consultancy and management (MIBAG Property Managers) and technical operation, maintenance and infrastructural services fit perfectly with one another. Our focus is on sustainability in planning and implementation, which builds on portfolio analysis and energy optimisation. Bouygues Energies & Services Schweiz is part of the French group Bouygues Construction. With over 1600 employees across Switzerland, it serves more than 700 clients, tens of thousands of users in over 1000 properties.


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MIBAG Property Managers


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Management and Organisation
of Bouygues Energies & Services in Switzerland

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Head Office (Switzerland)

Bouygues Energies & Services Schweiz AG
Landis + Gyr-Strasse 1
6301 Zug

Reception Zug     Phone +41 (0) 58 800 44 45
Reception Zürich Phone +41 (0) 58 800 44 44

Offices (Switzerland)

8004 Zürich, Hohlstrasse 188
8005 Zürich, Hardturmstrasse 161
8952 Schlieren, Brandstrasse 24/26 
4052 Basel, St. Jakobs-Strasse 200
3073 Gümligen, Worbstrasse 140
6004 Luzern, Alpenstrasse 6
6928 Manno, Via Violino 1
1213 Petit Lancy, Avenue des Morgines 12
1008 Prilly, Route des Flumeaux 45
4503 Solothurn, Ziegelmattstrasse 1
9000 St. Gallen, Raiffeisenplatz 6