Facility management during the project and building phase

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Integrated solutions

With its facility management during the planning and building phase, Bouygues Energies & Services offers you interdisciplinary expertise and valuable advice about the entire lifecycle of commercial, residential and special-purpose real estate. We help you manage the continually growing demands faced by owners, developers and investors, and help you to utilize your property’s potential. Thanks to our broadly based experience in the construction and operation of real estate, we have amassed a huge amount of knowledge about how to meet the needs of users and tenants and keep them satisfied.


Our services

Our services are categorised as follows:

  • Developer consultancy and representation
  • Facility management during the project and building phase
  • Specific operational management concepts and certifications
  • Systematic and timely operations planning
  • Seamless coordination and implementation of our services in operations

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Our ultimate goal

Our ultimate goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction throughout the entire property lifecycle. We offer our customers specific services based on four principles: sustainability, society, economy and the environment.


Our approach

We use our FM know-how throughout the entire project and utilisation phase of a property in a way that is appropriate to the specific building and users, purpose and phase. With the help of initial FM analyses and project reviews, we identify your needs and then put together tailored service packages. We make sure that even in the planning phase, the operating costs, which make up the largest proportion of the costs of a property during its lifecycle, are kept in view and optimised. The influence on operating costs is greatest during the planning phase, making this a very worthwhile investment.


Your advantages

We offer a seamless service combining the necessary interdisciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary management of construction projects, facility management during the planning and building phase, and operational management. All of your needs become our primary concern, and we assume responsibility for making sure that your requirements are realised during implementation. And always delivered with the utmost professionalism.

Bouygues Energies & Services takes care of the entire lifecycle of your property and carries out strategic and operational project management.



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