Construction site security / ZuKo++

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Integrated solutions

With the ZuKo++ access control system, Bouygues Energies & Services delivers a product that significantly increases construction site security. Its detailed access and time evaluation functions allow for easy and transparent recording of work hours, as well as providing complete documentation in the event of an investigation into illegal work, fraud or theft. So you always have control over your construction site. The complete solution for construction site access is easy to rent at (website in German).


Our services

We deal with all services relating to access control, from delivery to installation by our experts, and the dismantling of the system along with office containers and turnstiles. Thanks to biometric identification and/or RFID, we ensure that only authorised personnel gain access to the construction site. When an ID expires, it is blocked automatically. Access and time records can also be filtered by company or employee, meaning that there is clear evidence available to corroborate additional expenditure and subsequent costing.

Our approach

The security of your construction site is our utmost priority. As well as physical access control on-site, we offer a supporting web platform that lets you easily administer companies and individuals. Plus, the comprehensive reporting not only delivers real-time information about who is currently present on the construction site, it also serves as a source of information for official inspections (e.g. labour market controls).

Your advantages

The result is a construction site that boasts modern operating processes and where the focus is on security – for workers as well as for principals, investors and general contractors. Bouygues Energies & Services offers this integrated mobile solution to handle any security concerns, leaving you free to deal with your construction project.


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