Construction projects

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Construction projects by WORKXSPACE provide for the seamless realisation of your office planning, and it’s here that the design possibilities are made concrete. In the cases of remodelling, reorganisation and renovation of office buildings, Bouygues Energies & Services makes use of the available synergies and offers you optimum solutions.


Our services

Bouygues Energies & Services accompanies you in all the implementation phases of your construction projects. By means of specialist planning of architecture, electrical engineering and building technology, our construction management ensures efficient realisation. Here, particular emphasis is placed on cost management. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we guarantee you an efficient implementation of your ideas and preferences, and thus create a future-oriented work environment.

Our approach

Before realisation begins, the first step is specialist planning of the architecture. Through collaboration based on partnership, we guarantee you will be able to achieve your targeted aims with regard to quality, deadlines and costs. The second step involves specialist planning of building technology with our internal planners of electrics and HVAC. This way, the processes in the project are optimised and coordinated as effectively as possible. With precise execution planning, the final step involves realisation. In order to find the right partners for economical, punctual and quality-conscious remodelling work, we carry out a precise call for tenders for the required services. After this, our construction management takes over the coordination and management of the tradespersons on the construction site, maintaining an overview.

Your advantages

The result for you is professional and transparent development of your remodelling project. With the architects, building technology planners, internal construction managers, and the synergies Bouygues Energies & Services creates in operations, we are able to manage your project to optimum effect. With a precise solution, we create the added value you require.


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