Integrated e-mobility solutions

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E-mobility for Switzerland

Alizé is our innovative e-mobility offering based on charging stations for electric cars, which has already been successfully deployed in France. Bouygues Energies & Services has already installed over 10,000 charging stations there, 4,000 of which it operates itself.

Environmentally friendly and innovation-promoting electromobility is having a positive influence on climate, society and industry. E-mobility makes urban regions in particular more attractive by significantly improving the quality of life there. We enable environmentally aware communities and companies to take a step into the future with Alizé, our turnkey e-mobility offering. A well-thought-out charging infrastructure for electric vehicles already contributes to the success of a property today, because the expectations of users are changing - and with increasing speed. As the prices for electric cars and e-bikes are still higher than for conventional vehicles, their users have a higher level of income, making them a very interesting customer segment for real estate owners. Sustainability and environmental awareness are megatrends in our society, and this has also embraced the real estate industry. With Alizé, Bouygues Energies & Services offers modular solutions, from advice all the way to operation of the infrastructure.



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